I am a postdoctoral scientist with a background in psychology and social and affective neuroscience, and currently a member of the Computational Social Science lab at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. My research focuses on social media as a tool to better understand social behavior and mental health. I use social media as a data source, study their effects, and investigate social behavior in digital environments.

In my current research, I apply methods like text analysis and machine learning to capture digital traces of emotions, to investigate their validity, as well as their effects on misinformation spreading on social media. I further explore potential contributions of news and social media content to suicide prevention. I am part of the Open Science and the Effective Altruism community and strive to increase the transparency, reproducibility, and social impact of my work.

My research in neuroscience was inspired by the complex relationship between social and emotional experiences and the body, including hormonal changes and brain activity. I investigated how we perceive others facial expressions, how we react to their non-verbal social signals, and how our own bodily state and and social power influence these social interactions.