• 2014-2018 PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Sorbonne University & École Normale Supérieure Paris, supervised by Julie Grèzes
    Graduate Program at École des Neurosciences Paris-Île de-France
  • 2007-2013 Diploma program in Psychology at University of Vienna
    Master thesis supervised by Eva-Maria Seidel & Claus Lamm
  • 2011 Exchange semester at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • 2003-2007 Conservatory of Vorarlberg, Violoncello, Feldkirch, Austria

Research Experience

  • Since 2020 Postdoctoral researcher in Computational Social Science at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and Medical University of Vienna
    Research Groups:
  • 2019–2020 Senior researcher and project manager at the Open and Reproducible Research Group at Know-Center - Research Center for Data-Driven Business & Big Data Analytics, Graz
  • 2019 Independent researcher at the Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education - IGDORE
  • 2014-2018 Doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience in the team of Julie Grèzes, École Normale Supérieure Paris
  • 2013-2014 Lab rotations during the first year of the ENP Doctoral program
    • Sexual cognition & homosexuality: Brain anatomy and the older brother-effect, École Normale Supérieure, with Franck Ramus
    • Integration of emotion and gaze cues during attention orienting (Intracranial EEG study), Brain & Spine Institute, with Nathalie George
    • Power posture effects on emotion discrimination, École Normale Supérieure, with Julie Grèzes
  • 2012 Internship (10 months) at the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Unit, University of Vienna, with Eva-Maria Seidel

Fellowships and Awards

  • 2018 End of thesis scholarship (3 months) from the Department of Cognitive Science, École Normale Supérieure, Paris
  • 2013–2017 4 year PhD scholarship from École des Neurosciences Paris Île-de-France
  • 2013 Honorary certificate for excellent diploma thesis, Dr. Maria-Schaumayer-Stiftung, Austria
  • 2013 Nomination for the honorary prize in science and research 2013, Austrian ministry for science and research
  • 2007–2013 6 excellence scholarships from University of Vienna
  • 2011 Joint Study scholarship from University of Vienna for an exchange semester in Montreal, Canada

Science outreach and event organization

  • 2020: Journalist interviews on Complexity Science (video), and collective emotions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak (example articles 1 & 2)
  • 8-9 November, 2019: Co-organizer of 31st WISIA Symposium “Our Turning points” (Women in Science, Austria)
  • 16 March, 2017: Metzler H., Roell M. & Goethals, S. “La neurobiologie des relations”, Science communication event Semaine du Cerveau 2017, Paris. Talk for a lay audience in French.
  • 2015-2016: ENP student representative. Event organization and communication: Scientific seminars, career events and social activities for PhD students
  • 2015: Participation in career orientation roundtables for high school students​

Associations & voluntary activities

  • Peer-review: International Conference on Web Social Media, The Web Conference
  • Active member of Women in Science – an Interdisciplinary Association - WISIA
  • Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science - SIPS
  • Effective Altruism community Austria: A social movement that uses evidence and reason to do the most good - Effective Altruism Global
  • Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education - IGDORE
  • Graz Open Science Initiative - GOSI